Apple Production

Midagro Agriculture has a total of 43,106 apple tress and grows apples on a 92,920-square meter area.

EPrimary apple types are Mondial Gala, Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Fuji Astek, Pink lady, Skarlet Supur and Amasya Apple.

Cherry Production

There are 4.200 cherry trees on an area of 2,620 m2. The types of cherries grown by Midagro Agriculture are Ziraat 900, Regina, Kordio and, Lambert.

Walnut Production

Midagro Agriculture grows a total of 770 walnut trees which are 7 years old, on 65,122-square meter area. The type of all walnuts is American Chandler.

Jujube Production

Agricultural land of Midagro Agriculture contains 620 jujube trees.